Hotel and travel management


Use our new service of the hotel's free research for group bookings. Already from 10 nights per booking, we research the right hotel in any destination in Germany for you.


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Contact information

hospitality services

Phone.: +49 40 519 013 13

E-Mail: info@btl-services.de



Overview benefits

  1. Time savings during the research
  2. You define all the selection criteria themselves
  3. Elaboration of hotels in comparison
  4. Better payment and booking
  5. Free booking process is carried out by BTL Services


Overview of services

  • Searching for hotels, transfers and locations for the individual requirements of the customer
  • Transfer organization at the exhibition and venue


  • Selection of hotels, price and contract negotiations and bookings
  • Evaluation of transfer options (arrival and departure for groups or individuals), price and contract negotiations and bookings


  • Implementation of the corporate travel policy as specified by the processes
  • Participants accreditation


  • Design, production and delivery of travel documents
  • Packing and shipping of the course materials